Children of Men

Do you know what the word "Dystopian" means? It means, "don't rent this picture!" I realize it was nominated for an Academy Award for its "art direction" but that "art" consisted of mud, blood and crud! It is a post-apocalyptic view of Great Britain after the collapse of the world's governments. England is awash in "illegals," and its response is to round them up and put them out to sea. No children have been conceived for almost twenty years, consequently there is NO long-range planning anymore.

Clive Owen plays a former rebel, now a low-level functionary working for the government. He is tapped by his old gang to accompany a pregnant (gasp!) young woman to safety. Michael Caine is a happy, druggie hippie who offers assistance.

Rent or attend this movie at your own peril!
  • It is NOT heartwarming.
  • It is NOT pleasant to view.
  • It is NOT comprehensible.
  • It does NOT have closed captions.
  • It does NOT have one single ray of sunshine.
  • Don't be misled by the actors; Clive Owen and Michael Caine too, can mumble.
  • This is NOT "Blade Runner" for the new millennium.
  • This is a post-apocalyptic nightmare.
  • This is dirty, muddy, with lots of gunfire, vehicular chases and explosions.

It doesn't even have Lois Smith in it! (She's a sixty-ish actress who has played mother to Tom Cruise, David Arquette, Ben Affleck, etc., in many top-rated films in the past several years.)