The Barbarian Invasion

After two viewings of this marvelous 2003 film, I have only one regret: that I haven't seen the first film, shot in 1986, called "The Decline and Fall of the American Empire." This newer film reunites the superb cast after a 15-year gap, older, maybe wiser, certainly with a few more miles on them, as they gather to embrace, one final time, one of their own, who is terminal. Can you imagine anything more depressing?

"The Barbarian Invasions" almost makes my mouth water when these folks launch into some of their conversations, bawdy, intellectual, erudite, wistful, and affectionate. Their views on philosophy, sex, economics, history and politics are skillfully articulated. From their college days on, this group has embraced every "ism" in the book except capitalism, and they fondly share a collective memory of all their foibles.

The dying man's successful, workaholic son goes to amazing lengths to ease his father's final days and his efforts are, finally, appreciated; although I loved it when the junkie lobbed his cell phone into the campfire! This script is original, heartwarming, humorous, insightful and brilliant, while the cast is peerless! You wouldn't know any of them unless you see lots of foreign films...sorry.

This is a French-Canadian film that won an Oscar for Best Foreign Film, so it should be available for rental.

Yes, my dears...this is a RAVE!