Deadpool 2

A couple of years ago Ryan Reynolds surprised Hollywood suits with the unexpected success of his R-rated Superhero comedy. Naturally they have been eagerly awaiting another surprise. Directed by former stuntman David Leitch ("Atomic Blonde") working from a script by a committee of writers, this R-rated sequel only goes to disprove that old adage about the impossibility of catching lightning in a bottle. This lightning is vulgar, profane, irreverent, violent, bloody and rude, and yes, they've caught it.

Part of Leitch's cast:
  • Ryan Reynolds ("The Hitman's Bodyguard") Wade / Deadpool has hit bottom once more but that seems to be where he works best. Although he still fights for what's right, he insists that he is NOT X-Man material.
  • Josh Brolin ("Infinity Wars") Nathan Summers / Cable has his own Terminator-type agenda. Look out!
  • Morena Baccani ("Gotham") Vanessa is back, although not in the way Wade wants her.
  • Zazie Beetz ("Atlanta") Domino has a superpower: it's Luck, although she agrees it isn't very cinematic.
  • Terry Crews ("Brooklyn Nine-Nine") Bedlam has what it takes to cause waves.
  • Leslie Uggams ("Empire") Yes! Blind Al is back and Wade needs her help once more.
  • T.J. Miller ("Silicon Valley") Weasel runs the bar where Deadpool does his strategizing. This actor has elevated "Geek" to an art form.
  • Julian Dennison ("Hunt for the Wilderpeople") Russell is in deep trouble for a crime he has yet to commit.
Maybe I don't know what bottom looks like, but I think it's pretty bad. Let's see what this one offers: Vehicular mayhem? Check. Fisticuffs? Check. Profanity? Check. Blowie uppie stuff? Check. CGI? Check. Yep, it has everything we hoped for.  Reynolds says the first "Deadpool" was about romance, this one is about friendship.  See for yourself.

A brief caveat, if you have hearing problems, the one-liners, the referential humor, and the clever asides to us in the audience are better enjoyed if you know exactly what is said. I recommend closed captions!
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Here is a trailer:
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