Book Club

This book club is NOT about Jane Austen. Trust me! Instead we have four women "of a certain age" who are attempting to age gracefully together. But only Vivian knew their next reading assignment would be "50 Shades of Gray." Eek!

Writer/director Bill Holderman, working with writer Erin Simms, gives us a giddy comedy anchored by four war horses (PLEASE do NOT tell them I said that!) who bring decades of experience to the silver screen.

Part of Holderman's cast:
  • Diane Keaton ("Hampstead") A DATE? Diane hasn't a thing to wear, but it shouldn't be too casual.
  • Jane Fonda ("Grace and Frankie") Vivian thinks this book will be as uplifting as her favorite plastic surgeon; and reminds herself she doesn't date any man she LIKES.
  • Candice Bergen ("Home Again") Judge Sharon knows she would send the man in that book to JAIL for his actions. She insists that no one who has a life has a motto. No one delivers an acerbic line better!
  • Mary Steenburgen ("Orange is the New Black") Carol is pretty sure she can learn plenty from this book, but her husband doesn't seem motivated. (Although when we hear him describe his classic motorcycle...)
  • Andy Garcia ("Bent") Mitchell says he must be a pilot, they gave him a hat!
  • Don Johnson ("Vengeance: A Love Story") Arthur can't believe how long is has been since he proposed. By the way, Don Johnson's daughter Dakota is the co-star of the "50 Shades..." trilogy.
  • Craig T. Nelson ("Parenthood") Bruce may never drink another beer! (See the preview.) This actor gets the "Good Sport Award!"
  • Richard Dreyfuss ("Madoff") George is always willing to try for at least one kiss.  Oh my!
At the time of the screening, this film was not yet rated but judging by the double entendres and the emphasis on mature sex, I'm rating it R. Based on the packed house for the screening, I suspect this one will do very well. I hope so. The screening audience (and I) laughed out loud many times.
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See the trailer:
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