Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Once again we watch that familiar yellow scroll moving into infinity as we join yet another chapter in this evergreen franchise. Of course the operative word is "Wars" and we watch endless battles, both macro and micro, as the CGI artists (an army of them!) have a field day with a bottomless supply of money and and a boundless supply of fans.

Writer/director Rian Johnson, working hand in glove with series originator and godfather, George Lucas, has crafted an audience-pleasing sci-fi actioner that will set new box-office records. The Cinerama Theater, a block from my condo, has been sold out for over a month. Like a ninny, I went over to see the matinee and was sent on my way. A fellow in line asked me if I wanted two but when I said I only could use one, he stepped up to get his money back because he couldn't attend the matinee. As I crossed Fourth Avenue, he came running after me and said they couldn't help him so he wanted me to see the movie on his ticket. I was so happy and flustered, I didn't even offer to pay him! Rude, rude, rude!

Part of Johnson's cast:
  • Mark Hamil ("Milo Murphy's Law" [voice]) Luke Skywalker had been located by the final scene in the previous chapter, so his presence isn't a surprise, but I was taken aback by his reluctance to join the resistance. Turns out he has a few secrets.
  • Carrie Fisher ("Family Guy" [voice]) Leia Organa is still fighting the good fight. The Resistance looks to her for inspiration, as did her fellow cast mates on the set. She will be missed.
  • Oscar Isaac ("Suburbicon") When Poe is given commands he doesn't like, he simply has "transmission problems" and breaks the connection.
  • Daisy Ridley ("Murder on the Orient Express") Rey and the Millennium Falcom (with Chewbacca by her side) are on the move. She is frustrated by Luke's reaction to her plea for the Resistance but seems fascinated by Kylo Ren, even though he has embraced the Dark Side.
  • John Boyega ("Detroit") Finn has become a fully involved Resistance fighter.
  • Kelly Marie Tran ("XOXO") Rose teams up with Finn to do whatever they can to help,
  • Domhnall Gleeson ("Star Wars: The Force Awakens") General Hux looks like a Nazi to me!
  • Andy Serkis ("Planet of the Apes") Snoke is the sort of animatronic creation that is endlessly fascinating. Whew!
  • Benicio Del Toro ("Sicario") DJ is so contemporary, so charming, and so undependable! This is the most whimsical I have ever seen Mr. Del Toro.
Of course we have all the usual suspects: Chewbacca, C-3PO, R2-D2, Yoda, along with the expected barroom scene. This time it's a high-end casino.

This is PG-13, so even though we have a lot of gunfire and missile shots, we see very little blood; there is no sex, sensuality or sweaty bodies, but there is a LOT of blowie uppie stuff (and I did smile at the Mother of all Bombs)! Be sure to get a closed-caption device if you have any hearing issues, much of the dialogue is confidential.
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Here is the official trailer:
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