Remember when Jumanji was a board game? Well, the younger generation doesn't relate to old-fashioned board games, so it re-invents itself as a computer game, and now those four kids in detention can relate!

Second-generation director Jake Kasdan (son of Lawrence) is showing us the apple didn't fall very far from the tree. Watch his actors RUN in character! Working with a committee of writers, he has managed to put a contemporary spin on an entertaining actioner with plenty of comedy (and CGI!) Check out the trailer.

Part of Kasdan's twin cast - first the teenagers who get into trouble; second the adult avatars they have become, who get into BIG trouble:
  • Alex Wolff ("Patriots Day") Young Spencer is a geek who helps a jock with his homework.
  • Dwayne Johnson ("Central Intelligence") Spencer sees his avatar and is astonished by his new biceps.
  • Ser'Darius Blain ("Maybe Someday") Young Fridge is the big jock who wants to stay on the football team.
  • Kevin Hart ("Central Intelligence") Fridge is shocked by his new stature!
  • Madison Iseman ("Still the King") Young Bethany is the poster child for self-involved social media addiction.
  • Jack Black ("The Polka King") Bethany realizes her avatar is a pudgy middle-aged MAN! She's in for a shock (or five)! Again I say, check out the trailer.
  • Morgan Turner ("Wonderstruck") Young Martha is a serious academic. School isn't supposed to be FUN!
  • Karen Gillan ("Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2") Martha has to take flirting lessons from Bethany.
  • Nick Jonas ("Careful What You Wish For") Alex has been in the jungle HOW LONG?
  • Bobby Cannavale ("Mr. Robot") Van Pelt is the creepiest villain I have seen in a LONG time. Watch the centipede and the ear.
This is PG-13, so there are bits of profanity, some silly sexuality, lots of computer-generated effects and zero blowie uppie stuff. The scariest scenes are with Van Pelt and his creepy crawlies.

We laughed out loud many many times. This is satisfying Entertainment which had our screening audience talking and laughing as we exited the theater.
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