Going in Style

All you have to do is look at this cast and you KNOW you're going to have a good time. Here they play three old duffers who have been friends all their lives. Outsourcing and bank manipulations have left them strapped, embarrassed and angry. So how will they provide for their families?

In 1979, Edward Cannon wrote a story that became the first "Going in Style." It starred George Burns, Art Carney and Lee Strasburg. Now screenwriter Theodore Melfi ("Hidden Figures") has updated the story and tailored it for today's economy. Using his PG-13 script, director Zach Braff ("Scrubs") assembles this sure-fire combination of timeliness and cast to give us a diverting 96 minutes.

Here they are:
  • Morgan Freeman ("London Has Fallen") Willie is furious that their pensions have evaporated. And he only sees his granddaughter once a year, Skyping just isn't enough.
  • Alan Arkin ("Million-Dollar Arm") Albert agrees with him about their pensions, but he is so disagreeable it hardly registers. This man is crabby!
  • Michael Caine ("Now You See Me 2") Joe thinks they should do something about it. His house will be foreclosed in 30 days and the bank that's to blame has just been robbed.
  • Ann-Margret ("Ray Donovan") Annie disregards everything Albert says because he is just naturally cantankerous. 
  • Peter Serafinowicz ("Guardians of the Galaxy") Murphy is Joe's former son-in-law. He isn't a criminal but he IS a lowlife!
  • Christopher Lloyd ("7Seconds") Milton can only remember as best he can...which isn't saying very much.
  • John Ortiz ("Fast & Furious") Jesus is the guy they approach for tips on how to rob a bank. He tells them that if they fail at their age, they will get 'three hots and a cot' for the rest of their natural lives, AND better health care. So it's a win-win.
  • Matt Dillon ("Wayward Pines") Detective Hamer is confident the FBI can solve those bank robberies, "It's what we do."
This has laugh-out-loud dialogue and situations, scattered (mild) profanity, a bit of marijuana, some tension, and a few gunshots (most of them blanks). I was entertained every single minute. Let's hear it for these old pros!

Oh! You bought a ticket, so don't forget to suspend disbelief!
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Even the preview makes me chuckle:
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