Get Out

We join a multi-racial couple who are still in the early kissy-face phase of their relationship. This weekend they will be traveling to her family home so he can meet her parents. She hasn't mentioned to her folks that he is black, so he is understandably nervous about their first encounter. She assures him that they aren't racist.

Confidently written and directed by Jordan Peele ("Key and Peele") this nail biter features a capable cast, an interesting location and several effective "Don't Go In The Basement!" -type scenes.

Part of the cast:
  • Daniel Kaluuya ("Sicario") is Chris Washington, a talented photographer who is gaining recognition for his unerring artistic eye. Even at a social weekend, he keeps his trusty cell phone handy to use as a camera. This London-born actor is handsome enough to withstand the scrutiny of those super-close close-ups.
  • Allison Williams (she was the lead in "Peter Pan Live!") Rose Armitage is eager for her parents to meet this terrific guy. Her traffic mishap took all of us by surprise and generated an inchoate sense of anxiety.
  • LilRel Howery ("The Carmichael Show") Rod Williams works for TSA, so he is suspicious of everyone. He really worries about his friend Chris, but reluctantly supports his decision to meet the parents.
  • Bradley Whitford ("Brooklyn Nine-Nine") is Dean Armitage, Rose's father. He is welcoming and gracious. He reminds Rose that this is the weekend of an annual neighborhood gathering.
  • Catherine Keener ("Captain Phillips") Missy Armitage is Rose's self-contained mother. She is a successful therapist and among other things, helps people quit smoking through hypnosis.
  • Stephen Root ("Masters of Sex") One of the guests is Jim Hudson, a blind gallery owner. He envies Chris his unerring eye.
As we meet Rose's brother and the household staff, things start to feel more off kilter. This only increases as other guests start to arrive.

This R-rated (language) mystery/horror story had plenty of humor but most of its effectiveness relies on Kaluuya's expressive face. I liked this far more than I expected; I only bought a ticket because a friend encouraged me (I'm easily led). I was amazed that the bad guys are white liberals!
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