Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

If you have read any of Lee Child's books, you know Jack Reacher is a giant of a man. I guess if you look at Tom Cruise and his international stardom, he too is a giant, just not in the physical sense. I can see why this character appeals to Cruise: these books aren't seedy, the hero is decent, smart and virtually unbeatable in a fair fight, plus he makes and keeps friends even as he lives off the grid.

This time, director Edward Zwick ("Pawn Sacrifice") has collaborated with Richard Wenk ("The Magnificent Seven") to bring us another chapter with this larger-than-life hero. Our retired Army Intelligence officer has found a blot on his record. He tries to rectify it and discovers that the officer who replaced him is in a similar dilemma. Something is being concealed. Therein lies our tale.

The cast:
  • Tom Cruise ("Mission Impossible") Jack Reacher is whip-smart and wasn't born yesterday. When the powers that be seem to have him in their sights, they just don't understand that they are still out numbered!
  • Cobie Smulders ("Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.") Susan Turner has Jack's old office. She also seems to have inherited some other aspects of his life (she has been accused of espionage), but make no mistake, Major Turner doesn't cut herself any slack.
  • Danika Yarosh (Lots of TV) Samantha might be Reacher's daughter. He's stunned but not willing to reject her out of hand. Then the bad guys try to get her because they have no doubt that she really IS his daughter!
  • Madalyn Horcher ("Curve") Sgt. Leach is Reacher's secret weapon. He can ALWAYS rely on sergeants!
  • Aldus Hodge ("Leverage") Espin has been known to jump to conclusions. Maybe it's time to do it again...
  • Patrick Heusinger (Lots of TV) The Hunter is like Reacher: former military, well trained and ruthless.
This satisfying PG-13 actioner runs just under two hours. As is the custom with Cruise films (Cruise is the producer and it's clear he isn't afraid to spend money on a high-quality product), we hear very little profanity, there is no sex, the fights are well choreographed, the action is non-stop, and we have people to root for. Expect gunfire, some blowie uppie stuff and lots of fisticuffs. The tagline is: Never give in, never give up, never go back.
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