The Chorus

"Les Choristes" (English captions) is one of those movies you never forget. I was shocked to discover last night that I have never written a review of this heart-warming, Oscar-nominated classic from 2004.

Directed by Christophe Barratier ("Paris 36"), who is a fearless director of children: he sets this in a home for incorrigible boys.

Part of his huge cast:
  • Gérard Jugnot ("Fashion Victim") is Clément Mathieu, a frustrated would-be musician, an unemployed jack-of-all-trades, who is going to try his hand at being a proctor at a boys' school. The boys call him "Chrome Dome." Look at the trailer, you'll see why.
  • François Berléand ("Transporter" franchise) Rachin is the deeply unhappy headmaster. He is cruel, selfish, and uncaring.
  • Kad Merad ("Nicholas on Holiday") Chabert has been the coach for awhile, but he does look out for the boys.
  • Jean-Paul Bonnaire ("A Buttefly Kiss") La Père Maxence is the gardener, janitor and is the guy who replaces all those broken windows.
  • Jean-Baptiste Maunier ("L'auberge rouge") Pierre Morhange sings like an angel, but no one suspects it because he is so busy misbehaving.
  • Maxence Perrin ("Paris 36") Pèpinot is beyond a doubt the most adorable little boy in captivity! But Pèpinot's father is coming to get him on Saturday. Pèpinot is the boy with the metronome in the trailer.
Because I discovered I hadn't reviewed this treasure, I was forced to watch it again last night. I fell in love all over again. It has armloads of people to root for, a truly hiss-worthy villain, goose-bumpy scenes, beautiful music and lots of humor...all squeezed into a 97-minute, PG-13 delight.

See this one!
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Please look at this trailer:
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