Truly, Madly, Deeply

This romantic comedy begins with a distraught widow sobbing out her grief to a therapist, who sits there unmoving, allowing her to express her loneliness, her rage and her sense of betrayal: How could she be left without the one person she loves beyond life itself!

Our establishing scenes reveal she is a translator and language instructor at a busy facility in London, surrounded by supportive co-workers and friends. Other scenes show us the chaos at her home, with plumbing problems, rat infestation and careless housekeeping. She is surrounded by various workmen all of whom want to help this lonely widow.

Imagine her surprise when she is idling at her piano one evening, sadly reminiscing about the duets she and her husband used to play (he was a cellist), when WE can see him behind her. She first thinks she is imagining his part of the duet, until she pauses, slowly turns and SHE can see him, too!

Now our story REALLY begins!

The cast:
  • Juliet Stevenson ("Bend it Like Beckham") is Nina, alone, then not alone... Definitely NOT alone! Watch her try to adjust.
  • Alan Rickman ("Harry Potter") her much-loved Jamie, gone, and then not gone...
  • Deborah Findlay ("Cranford") is her sister Claire. See what happens when Claire suggests Nina give Jamie's cello to her son for his music class at school.
  • Bill Paterson ("Outlander") is her boss, Sandy. He speaks six languages but still needs Nina to translate letters from his girlfriend in Spain.
  • Michael Maloney ("Me and Mrs Jones") Mark breaks up a potential fistfight in a coffee shop. He's a counselor for Downs Syndrome youngsters; he takes one look at Nina and likes what he sees.
  • Christopher Rozycki ("Downton Abbey") Titus is doing cabinet work for Nina, but this Polish immigrant wants her to go to Paris with him for the weekend. "I am Polish, I haf GRRREAT passion!"
In my opinion, Juliet Stevenson is a vastly underrated comedienne. I LOVED her in "Bend it Like Beckham" ("...get your dirty lesbian feet out of MY shoes!") and this one, directed by Anthony Minghella ("The English Patient") fully displays her talents. Watch her narrate her biography while hopping on one foot. This has so many scenes to recommend it I don't know where to begin. Watch the preview.
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