The Lego Movie

This PG phenomenon is cleaning up at the box office: a $69M opening weekend tells me that families are hungry for kiddie-friendly movie fare.

Of course, I am not a six year old, so I was highly aware of the visual assault, with don't-blink-or-you'll-miss-it action and bright colors flashing off and on the screen. I could picture young'uns having a good time as they relate to sweet construction worker Emmet. According to another character, Emmet's mind is "prodigiously empty" (he always needs instructions), but his heart is in the right place; so it's a huge problem when he is mistaken for the Master/Builder who has to stop a villain from gluing the Universe together.

We encounter several set pieces aimed at the adults who brought their offspring to the movie:
  • "The Piece of Resistance" (nope, the kiddies aren't going to get THAT one!) which is perpetually sought.
  • "Honey, Where Are My Pants?" is a supposedly hilarious television show that illustrates the emptiness of contemporary sitcoms.
  • The Good Cop/Bad Cop who speedily swaps faces, depending on which cop he is playing.
  • The double-decker couch (?!) which is the best/worst original idea Emmet has ever had.
  • The creative use of Legos to make a city, a desert, a pirate ship and that famous double-decker couch.
  • The Millennium Falcon makes an appearance late in the film. I venture to guess that most of the rugrats won't be familiar with this one, but I could be wrong.
Bottom line? The concepts of team-building, believing in yourself and learning how to trust, can't be bad; although a threatened beheading by X-acto knife could be scary. This is one you'll want to discuss with the children on your way back home...
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Brace yourself:
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