Runner Runner

Director Brad Furman, who also directed the excellent "Lincoln Lawyer" left me feeling a bit disappointed. Maybe it was his casting choices; I'm not sure. This is an R-rated flick about gambling and as we know, "the house" always wins.

We watch:
  • Ben Affleck ("Argo") as Ivan Block, a sly entrepreneur who runs "the house" offshore. He is charming and ruthless. He has two hobbies: sailing his yacht and feeding his pet alligators.
  • Justin Timberlake ("Trouble With the Curve") is Richie Furst, a clever on-line gambler who spots some cheating on Block's web- site. He knows a gambler who owns "the house" has no need to cheat, so tracks down Block to let him know one of his employees has tweaked the program.
  • Gemma Arterton ("Quantum of Solace") is set decoration for most of this 91-minute crime drama, although she does play a key role...eventually...
  • Anthony Mackie ("Pain and Gain") is FBI Agent Shavers, an ambitious but frustrated fellow who has no jurisdiction on the Caribbean island where most of the action takes place.
  • John Heard (Lots of TV) is our hero's father, an inveterate gambler who becomes a pawn in Block's chess game.
This one had me covering my eyes because I remembered the blatant foreshadowing. Expect lots of profanity, some gunfire and fisticuffs but no blowie uppie stuff. In my opinion, Timberlake will have to keep looking for a vehicle that will make him look good....
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Take a peek:
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