Last Vegas

What a cast! And directed by Jon Turteltaub ("National Treasure" and "While You Were Sleeping"). How can we lose? Well....

Three old buddies want to throw a bachelor party for their last single pal, so off to Vegas they go! This geriatric PG-13 fling looks at what happens in Vegas and what probably should have stayed there. Too many bikinis, too many gyrating bottoms, too many prostate jokes, too many strobe lights, and too many silicone bosoms, but the strength of a long-time friendship ultimately endures.

Look at this outdated Rat Pack and their cohorts:
  • Robert De Niro ("The Family") is Paddy, a guy who is still in mourning for his wife. This pugnacious guy can really hold a grudge...
  • Morgan Freeman ("Oblivion") Archie has packed his pill case and has programmed his cell phone to remind him to take his meds.
  • Michael Douglas ("Behind the Candelabra") is Billy with the fake tan and the fake hair, never married, never really wanted to... ...except that once....
  • Kevin Kline ("Darling Companion") when Sam is given a Get Out of Jail Free card from his wife, opportunities beckon.
  • Mary Steenburgen ("30 Rock") if Diana ever makes it big in show biz, she will be the first to be surprised.
  • Romany Malco (lots of TV) Lonnie will always cater the best party for the biggest tipper.
  • Jerry Ferrara ("Think Like a Man") Dean really blew it, so our heroes make him think he has offended the Mob!
Eventually this bawdy and profane outing began to wear on me. I'm not a big fan of insult humor or the ogling of young bodies, so despite laughing out loud a few times, I found myself wondering what Dan Fogelman ("Crazy, Stupid, Love") had in mind when he wrote the script: Comedy? Drama? Social commentary on aging? Hmmm....

This is a pleasant way to spend 105 minutes, but you won't remember much about it in a couple of days.
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Here is a preview:
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