In a World...

This one shocked me. I was expecting a documentary about voice-over artists but instead was treated to an R-rated Woody Allen'esque comedy with confused young singles, unfaithful marrieds and jealous parents. And yes, I confess I was a bit let down.

Here's the cast:
  • Lake Bell ("No Strings Attached") is an unemployed voice artist who teaches wannabes. She doesn't have very good manners and I had to agree with her father when he asked her to move out on her own.
  • Michaela Watkins (Lots of TV) is our gal's sister, happily married but just a bit bored. Now she has her sister under foot!
  • Rob Corddry ("Warm Bodies") is one of the two characters I actually liked. He is our heroine's patient (and forgiving) brother-in-law.
  • Fred Melamed (Lots of TV) is our heroine's father, a renowned voice artist who is slated to receive a "Life-Time Achievement Award" for his work. He is absolutely positive there is no place for female voices in his profession.
  • Alexandra Holden (Lots of TV) everyone should have a step- mother like this one!
  • Demetri Martin ("Contagion") plays a sound engineer who believes in our gal's voice. He is the second likable character.
  • Ken Marino ("We're the Millers") is a successful voice artist who is prepared to accept the torch from the retiring king; he presents the "Life-Time Achievement Award" to his former competitor.
  • Geena Davis ("The Long Kiss Goodnight") in a surprise cameo, has a surprise disclosure for our gal.
Of course we are treated to the dulcet tones of the pros (some of them in a steam bath). There are cameos by many major voice artists...even an archival bit that features the legendary Don LaFontaine.

I still wanted a documentary...sigh...
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Here is a preview:
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