Prince Avalanche

In 1987, 43,000 acres burned in Texas, four people died and extensive clearing and repair were needed. This entry to the 2013 Seattle Inter- national Film Festival from the USA is a remake of "Á annan veg" ("Either Way") from Iceland. We follow two men who are charged with the task of painting the lines in the newly repaired road in a remote part of Texas, mile after boring mile.

We see:
  • Paul Rudd ("Admission") is the boss. He is in charge of each day's tasks; he oversees the camp site, the tent, the cooking and the general well-being of his charge. He loves the isolation because he can study German, read, and improve himself.
  • Emile Hirsch ("Killer Joe") is the underling. He has been given this job because the boss is engaged to his sister. His family hopes this might help him grow up. He just wants to get to town so he can meet girls!
  • Lance LeGault ("Stuntmen") is a trucker who comes by their job site a time or two. He always seems to have some spare moon- shine that he is willing to share.
This is mostly two men talking, and talking, and arguing, and talking. I really didn't admire either one of them....
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Take a look for yourself:
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