The Call

Ever wondered what it looks like on the OTHER side of those 911 calls? The 911 Call Center is one of the two interesting things we see in this dreadful R-rated movie. The second is an aerial view of a major Los Angeles freeway intersection. Both are jaw-dropping.

Unfortunately for me, after these two interesting bits, there is an entire movie to sit through, punctuated by hysterical women, women in jeopardy, women being stripped, women being drugged, women under duress, women being tortured, women being scalped, pieces of women, corpses of women and other horrific scenes.

The last third of the movie is based on an absurd assumption that a 911 operator (a woman) would make a solo trip to a wooded area in the L.A. vicinity in the middle of the night and stumble upon a well-concealed chamber of horrors maintained by a serial killer. I found myself muttering "Oh, come ONNNN!" Brace yourself for at least 20 full minutes of "DON'T GO IN THE BASEMENT!"-type suspense and horror.

We see:
  • Halle Berry ("Cloud Atlas") gorgeous as ever, portrays that laughably intuitive 911 operator, traumatized by her failure to save an earlier victim of that same sadistic serial killer.
  • Abigail Breslin ("Rango") is the second victim of that notorious killer. She was born a Capricorn though, which means she is a fighter.
  • Morris Chestnut ("Identity Thief") is a frustrated LA cop, trying desperately to locate that car carrying a kidnapping (and potential murder) victim in the trunk. His character and Berry's just happen to be in relationship.
  • David Otunga (Lots of TV) is another one of L.A.'s finest, fran- tically trying to gather enough clues to discover where that poor doomed girl might be.
  • Michael Eklund (Lots of TV) is chilling as the first Norman Bates type in this year's roster of horror films.
  • Michael Imperioli ("The Lovely Bones") is wonderful as the sharp-eyed motorist who spots something wrong with that vehicle which (we know) has a kidnapping victim in the trunk.
This is an excellent primer on what an abducted person should do if locked in an automobile trunk: Break out a tail-light and wave your arm: dump stuff (in this case, paint) out through that same hole; do anything to attract attention. We are reminded how important it is for average citizens to take the initiative and report things that "just don't look right."

I am NOT a big fan of suspense movies, but the folks who like these type films were highly entertained. YOYO! (You're On Your Own.)
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Here's a link to a preview:
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