Here is Maternal Instinct run amok! When Tina Fey's character was much, much younger, she secretly gave up a child for adoption. Now she might have run into him: She's an admissions officer at Princeton and he is a brilliant student from an alternative school, applying for admission.

We enjoy:
  • Tina Fey ("Date Night") is the admissions officer, up for a big promotion and down for the count with her 10-year live-in lover.
  • Nat Wolff ("New Year's Eve") is that would-be student, an autodidact (self-taught) candidate under the scrutiny of the admissions committee.
  • Paul Rudd ("This is 40") is the student's faculty adviser, a much-traveled do-gooder who will be off for Uruguay next.
  • Lily Tomlin (Lots of TV) is Tina Fey's mom, a militant feminist. If you don't believe me, just watch her with a gun!
  • Wallace Shawn ("A Late Quartet") is the Dean of Admissions, dangling that possible promotion over our heroine's head.
  • Gloria Reuben ("Lincoln") as an admissions officer...she's a paragon, practically perfect in every way. She is our heroine's main competition for that promotion.
  • Michael Sheen ("Frost Nixon") is that 10-year live-in lover. He bails in the first few scenes, so he had very little to do other than treat her like a pet puppy.
This goofy little bit of social commentary is directed by Paul Weitz ("About a Boy") so you can expect a better than average comedy, no sweaty bodies, love-making only alluded to, no gunshots (Lily Tomlin never fires that gun), and absolutely no blowie uppie stuff.

Be prepared for an unexpected twist or two and a pleasant time.
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Here is a peek at a preview:
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