Side Effects

We always see the caveat about potential side effects on prescriptions and always ignore it, or at least I do. Here we see Big Pharma take on Chronic Depression. Guess who loses?

I was afraid this R-rated crime/thriller/drama was going to be a swamp of horrific side effects that lasted the full length of the movie, but I'm happy to report that is NOT true. This dreary movie starts to come alive about 20 minutes in. From then on, you absolutely MUST pay attention!

  • Jude Law ("Sherlock Holmes") is a psychiatrist who is treating our clinically depressed heroine, to his everlasting regret.
  • Rooney Mara ("The Social Network") is the patient, who surprises us all...more than once! This would have played by Winona Ryder 20 years ago.
  • Channing Tatum ("Magic Mike") is married to the patient. He is an understanding guy, after all, she waited faithfully while he served time for securities fraud.
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones ("Broken City") is the first psychiatrist who treated our patient.
  • Mamie Gummer (Lots of TV) is a party guest early in the film. I included her just to brag: I can spot Meryl Streep's daughter at 20 paces!
Maybe I shouldn't say this, but I'll admit it was actually fun to feel manipulated and confused. Who's the good guy and who's the bad guy? Be prepared for a bit of nudity, a smidgen of profanity, no blowie uppie stuff, car chases or gunshots but an unexpected knifing. That's all I'm gonna say...

By the way, this was originally called "The Bitter Pill."
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Here is a preview:
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