Identity Thief

Is Jason Bateman ever bad? Even when he's in a second-rate movie, HE is good! And with first-rate director Seth Gordon ("Horrible Bosses") at the helm, he's guaranteed to be good!

Is Melissa McCarthy ever bad? Even when she's in a second-rate movie, SHE is good! And with a script by Craig Mazin ("The Hangover") she's laugh-out-loud hilarious. Plus I love a good road picture, and believe it or not, this mismatched pair hits the road together.

This bawdy, rowdy, profane and very, very funny (R-rated) movie can't miss; we see:
  • Jason Bateman ("Arrested Development" yes, it's being filmed as I type!) is Sandy, the poor schmuck who has had his identity stolen, his credit cards maxed out and somehow got crosswise with a narcotics cartel. Bateman always plays such decent guys!
  • Melissa McCarthy ("Bridesmaids") is Sandy/Diana, our titular thief. She is a walking talking sociopath who is resourceful, creative and independent. McCarthy is so multi-talented I don't know where to begin.
  • John Cho ("Star Trek Into Darkness" yes, it is almost ready for release) is Daniel, who tries to believe in our hero even when the cops come to arrest him.
  • Jon Favreau ("Iron Man 3" yes, they are filming right now!) is Harold Cornish, Sandy's smarmy boss we love to hate.
  • Amanda Peet ("Gulliver's Travels") is Sandy's wife Trish, who really, really wants to trust her besieged husband.
  • Morris Chestnut ("Think Like a Man") brings a little sanity to the screen as Detective Reilly who is fair and logical, even though Sandy's story IS a bit outlandish; he's sorry his hands are tied by bureaucratic red tape.
  • Robert Patrick ("Gangster Squad") is Skiptracer, a tenacious, tough guy who just won't give up.
  • Genesis Rodriguez and T.I. (both lots of TV) are the assassins dispatched by the cartel to settle the score with Sandy.
I always like movies with a little redemption, so despite the profanity, fisticuffs, astonishing vehicular mayhem, off-color jokes and outrageous behavior, I was satisfied with the conclusion. I guess they saved the outtakes for the DVD....sigh...
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Here is a link to a preview:
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