The Watch

"Costco is for members only."

Believe it or not, this line practically brought down the house. Quickly changed from "The Neighborhood Watch" after the 2012 Stand Your Ground tragedy in Florida, this one actually is about an alien invasion, so don't worry.

This R-rated raunch-fest is vulgar, profane, crass, bloody, lewd, horrific, gruesome, and very, very funny. The young men in our screening audience had a blast! And yes, I admit that I too, laughed out loud... more than once.

These guys made it happen:
  • Ben Stiller ("Tower Heist") is Evan, the tightly wound manager of a local Costco. He is happily married but has become a com- pulsive joiner. It's his idea to form a neighborhood watch group when the night watchman at his Costco is mysteriously murdered.
  • Vince Vaughn ("Wedding Crashers") is Bob, the motormouth father of a teenage girl. His idea of a neighborhood watch group is more like a frat party and his humor is very anatomical.
  • Jonah Hill ("21 Jump Street") is Franklin, an officer wannabe; rejected by the police and fire departments, he still lives with his mom outside of town. But this neighborhood watch thing might give him a chance to wear a uniform.
  • Richard Ayoade (lots of British TV) is Jamarcus, a recent immi- grant who thinks being in a neighborhood watch group might be a good way to get acquainted.
  • Rosemarie DeWitt ("Your Sister's Sister") is Abby; she would like a baby, but hubby Evan doesn't keep their appointments.
  • Will Forte ("Rock of Ages") has made a career out of playing dim-bulbs on television, and he is in top form with this one.
The movie, written by Seth Rogan, Jared Stern and Evan Goldberg, is about friendship, loyalty, marriage, parenting and community. No sweaty bodies, but lots of gunfire and blowie uppie stuff....and Costco....and giant cartons of Trojans....
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Here is a link to a trailer:
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