Romantics Anonymous

Please remember what I say about clichés: Clichés work or they wouldn't have become clichés in the first place. "Les émotifs anonymes" is a goofy little 2010 French romantic comedy (English captions) about two painfully shy chocolate makers. It is sweet (...smile...), predictable and absolutely loaded with nuts... er ... I mean odd people. This means we have no doubt as to how it will end, but know we'll enjoy the journey.

Our two leads are both so shy he is in therapy and she attends sessions much like AA or NA, but hers is called "Romantics Anonymous."

We enjoy:
  • Benoît Poelvoorde ("My Worst Nightmare") is Jean-René van Den Hugde (the "g" is silent), a pathologically shy owner of a chocolate factory. His company is going broke, his name is always mispronounced and he sees a psychologist regularly, but he hires her on the spot to be his company's new outside sales rep.
  • Isabelle Carré (''He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not") is Angélique Delange, a brilliant and original candy maker who is "The Hermit," an anonymous maker of boutique chocolates. She hides behind anonymity because meeting people face-to-face makes her faint; the elderly distributor of her chocolates has died so she needs a new job. She is NOT a good choice for an outside sales rep.
  • Lorella Cravotta ("Amélie") is Magda, a long-time employee in the chocolate factory who is sad to see her nice employer's business going under.
  • Lise Lamétrie("What War May Bring") is Suzanne, another canny employee who can see that the newly hired outside sales rep looks very, very tasty to her boss.
  • Stéphan Wojtowicz ("The Hedgehog") is a psychologist who assigns our hero exercises designed to help him learn how to interact more easily with others.
Between our two leads shuffling and stammering their way into mutual attraction, the therapist's haywire recommendations, and the group therapy sessions, it's a wonder anyone keeps his or her sanity; but we enjoy every step along the way.

This DVD should be available through all of the regular sources.

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Here is a sample for you to nibble:
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