Another cerebral outing for our favorite action hero. Not to worry, the plot won't tax your brain. An eleven-year-old Chinese girl knows a secret numerical code, which means EVERYONE wants her. Someone has to keep her safe from the New York City Police Department, a Chinese tong and the Russian mob. Our hero, a former undercover cop, doesn't even know her, he was planning to commit suicide when he spotted her in a subway station trying to elude pursuers.

Written and directed by Boaz Yakin, who is all over the map with projects from the ridiculous to the sublime ("Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time" and "Remember the Titans"), this one is mindless and hyper-kinetic. There is so much deadly gunfire it became boring, but some of the actors piqued our interest:
  • Jason Statham rules action movies! Between "Transporter" and "Crank" he practically invented his style of super-deadly, super-violent martial arts. Not bad for a former model.
  • Catherine Chan, in her screen debut, sounds convincingly smart (she plays a genius) and speaks Chinese like a trouper!
  • Chris Sarandon ("Fright Night" 2011 and 1985), this guy still looks good. In this one he's the Mayor with an elegant penthouse and long-range plans to keep it. He knows things that most people don't even know they don't know.
  • Anson Mount ("Straw Dogs") is someone to watch! He's gorgeous when he has a shave and a haircut. His head-shot is skuzzy, but here.... Yum! He's a henchman in this one...
  • James Hong ("Junk" and lots of TV) is a Minneapolis-born char- acter actor. This time he's the Godfather of the Chinese tong.
  • Reggie Lee ("Crazy, Stupid, Love") is another familiar Asian face. In this one, he's the guy who pretends to care for the little girl to gain her trust.
And we haven't even touched on the actors in the Russian mob or the NYPD!

Suffice it to say, this R-rated actioner has non-stop gunfire, ridiculous vehicular mayhem, cartoony fisticuffs and countless pursuits. There was very little profanity and no nudity, but deaths by the score, all of which required suspension of disbelief. ...it's a guy thing...

Near the end, mention is made of someone moving to Seattle, where you will find "trees and s**t." Our screening audience really liked THAT.
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Here is a link to a preview:
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