Fat Kid Rules the World

This 2012 Seattle International Film Festival entry filmed in Seattle was one of those cliché-ridden projects that ultimately works, simply because clichés usually work. Besides, comedies always sweeten the pill.

We have a dorky geek who doesn't fit in at school. He lives with his widowed father and a younger brother; he does some on-line gaming, but is pretty much a loner. After some relentless bullying at school, he decides to end it all and steps out in front of a bus, only to be saved by a scrawny homeless guy who is clearly a master manipulator.

Here are the central characters:
  • Jacob Wysocki ("Bath Boys Comedy") is Troy, and yes, he's fat! Lucky for all concerned, despite his girth, he's pretty smart and is blessed with an active imagination.
  • Billy Campbell ("Ghost Town") is Dad, and a perfectly splendid one he is, too! Every thing this former Marine did as a parent made me like him more! He's a policeman who is doing a terrific job raising his two motherless boys.
  • Matt O'Leary ("Brick") is Marcus, the greasy-haired sociopath who latches onto Troy. We can see his faults, and are understandably concerned for our youthful hero. But by the time we see him per- form a concert in a hospital gown (and NO, there is nothing under that gaping back!), we start to think there might be hope.
  • Dylan Arnold ("Shortcomings") is Dayle, Troy's younger brother. He mostly observes all the drama swirling around and keeps a watchful eye on his brother.
I liked how even the scuzzy teenage boys automatically respected that father! He commanded respect without being a bully. BTW, whoever did the costumes for this project deserves special mention: everyone's clothes were perfect for each character and Marcus wears the world's most tattered t-shirt!

Someone asked me why they used a kid that was so fat. I posited that it's because there is no "Fat" advocacy group yet. It's still socially acceptable to scorn the overweight. That theory is as good as any.....