This is a cautionary tale about drugs: Designer drugs without FDA approval; illegal drugs and their criminal repercussions; drug highs and lows; drug dependency and addiction. All done for a PG-13 audience with no profanity, no vehicular mayhem, no sweaty bodies, no blowie uppie stuff and only one bloody fight.
  • Bradley Cooper ("The A-Team") is an author with a bad case of writer's block. He is just one little transparent pill away from brilliance.
  • Robert De Niro ("Everybody's Fine") is an industrialist who wants some of our hero's glow to shine on his pending corporate merger.
  • Abbie Cornish ("Bright Star") is an erstwhile sweetheart who stops supporting our hero, both emotionally and financially. She starts out pretty much in the dark.
Of course, it's great fun to watch a ratty disheveled loser get a spring in his step, get a shave and a haircut, get an upscale wardrobe, and adopt a new persona, as those miraculous pills pave his way to bestsellerdom and high finance. Problem is, those who try them always want more, and there is only a finite supply.... Therein lies the tale.

Be prepared for psychedelic camera work and a pretty intense fist- /gunfight. On the other hand, watch for great New York locations and appreciate the beauty of that terrific city. The voice-over wasn't too distracting and Mr. Cooper's blue eyes are the best!