Season of the Witch

"We're gonna need more holy water!"

Spoiler alert! That was the best line in the whole movie.

Here we go again:
  • Nicholas Cage ("The Sorcerer's Apprentice") a disenchanted crusader,
  • Computer Generated Imaging,
  • Ron Perlman ("Sons of Anarchy") his disenchanted companion-at-arms,
  • CGI,
  • Christopher Lee ("The Golden Compass") a dying bishop,
  • CGI,
  • Stephen Campbell Moore ("Lark Rise to Candleford") a sincere priest,
  • CGI,
  • Robert Sheehan (lots of BBC TV) a wannabe knight (he's a cutie),
  • and LOTS more CGI, in this medieval horror film.
This time we are in the 14th century and a young woman is accused of being a witch that caused the Black Plague. Prepare yourself for crunchy sounds when necks break, slurpy thuds when swords pierce flesh, "Don't go in the basement!" -type suspense as torches flicker in corpse-strewn catacombs, and shrieks as gruesome demons attack from the air.

Both Cage and Perlman have a host of devoted followers, so as you can see, this movie is custom made for them. I am not one of their number...

Oh, did I mention that there is a lot of CGI?