The Mechanic

When Jason Statham ("Transporter" and "The Italian Job" - 2003) is featured in a movie, action fans form a line at the door! With this one, we are deep in a cleverly crafted but violent gangland assassination before the opening credits roll.

We quickly learn that Donald Sutherland ("Pillars of the Earth") plays Statham's wheelchair-bound mentor, while Ben Foster ("The Punisher" and "3:10 to Yuma" - 2007) is a neophyte hit man.

Any time I see Tony Goldwyn ("Ghost" and "Bounce") on this side of the camera, I brace myself for a nasty betrayal, but that's just me. He DID direct "Conviction," so I'm trying to be more flexible.

Naturally we suspend disbelief as we enter the theater, so we can enjoy a larger than life hit man who doesn't REALLY hurt children and feels sorta bad when he has to kill a friend. ("Not personal, just business...") Our anti-hero is smart, methodical and deadly; Statham brings a certain gravitas to his roles which somehow makes us accept his actions. On the other hand, Foster plays, once again, an edgy, impulsive loose cannon.

Expect stabbings, shootings and stranglings, punctuated by lots of blowie uppie stuff! There is some nudity but surprisingly little profanity. My companion is a big Statham fan, so I can't help but enjoy these goofy things; but make no mistake, it's a guilty pleasure....