The Little Fockers

Yup, they're back! All those pesky Fockers, big and little, still struggling for approval. Again we have the classic stand off between Ben Stiller ("Tropic Thunder") and his militant father-in-law, played by two-time Oscar winner Robert De Niro ("Machete"). Again the rejected fiancé played by Owen Wilson ("How Do You Know?"), makes a dazzling but unwelcome appearance. Again we marvel at the audacity of casting two entertainment legends as Stiller's parents: Dustin Hoffman ("Last Chance Harvey") and Barbra Streisand ("Meet the Fockers"). His character is learning the flamenco in Spain while hers is hosting a hit TV show about sex.

Here we have the sort of contrived coincidences that only happen in movies, with absurd humor and a sappy resolution. One key scene is centered around encouraging a patient to relax while instruments are inserted for a colonoscopy. We are shocked to see what must be done when the effects of a male enhancement drug last more than four hours. And then there is a brawl that takes place in a kiddie recreation park... So why wasn't I entertained?

To me, this was a comedy that just wasn't very funny. We mostly see Ben Stiller go from one embarrassing situation to another; he is humiliated by his father-in-law while trying to elude a ridiculously aggressive pharmaceuticals rep, played by Jessica Alba ("Valentine's Day"). On the other hand, his wife, played by Teri Polo ("Meet the Fockers") tries to plan a birthday party for their five-year-old twins (the Little Fockers) while evading an old suitor.

I can only hope this is a trilogy so I won't have to put up with those Fockers a fourth time....