I Love You Phillip Morris

In a film based on real people, Jim Carrey ("Yes Man") plays Steven Russell, a church-going cop who is happy to remain closeted until a traffic accident causes him to reassess his life. He has a wife and child, so he gets a divorce, moves to Miami and starts living the life of an "out" gay man. Of course his flamboyant version of that life is pretty expensive so he becomes a con man. Each con is a little more daring than the last, so eventually he is caught and put in jail.

He quickly learns the ropes and continues his cons, this time enlisting his fellow prisoners and guards. He hasn't been there very long before he meets the love of his life: Phillip Morris. Ewan McGregor ("The Ghost Writer") has never been more appealing! This time our Scottish-born sweetie has a mild southern drawl; his character makes it very clear that he too, is equally smitten.

Once Carrey's quick-witted character serves his sentence and is released, he begins a legendary bout with the law. This resourceful fellow is never without one audacious plan or another and he is determined to get our eponymous hero out of jail so they can live happily ever after.

The fun is in seeing how inventive and reckless Carrey's character is, and how cautious and gentle his lover is. Russell's former wife, played by Leslie Mann ("Funny People"), remains a loving Christian who never gives up in her quest to bring her erring husband back to the Lord.

As usual, I have some reservations about Jim Carrey, but Ewan McGregor stole my heart! My thanks to the European branch of JayFlix for this tip.