Morning Glory

Rachel McAdams ("Sherlock Holmes" and "Red Eye") is one of our best Canadian imports. She's been working non stop since she was four years old and never seems to flag. In this, her latest outing, she plays a hyper-kinetic, motor-mouthed assistant producer on a morning television talk show. Fully expecting a well-deserved promotion, she is speechless when she is downsized instead.

After a diligent job search, she is hired as executive producer at a fourth-place network, to bring her youthful energy to Daybreak, its moribund morning talk show.

Cue the cast:
  • Harrison Ford ("Indiana Jones," I thru IV) in full curmudgeon mode, is a much-honored newsman, now in semi-retirement since his show was canceled, but, per his contract, still on the payroll. This new gal wants to insult his integrity by having him demean himself by reporting trivial topics to trivial audiences.
  • Diane Keaton ("Mad Money") has been a co-host of Daybreak for many years, watching randy co-hosts and ambitious executive producers come and go. One important thing though, she really wants to see the show succeed and is, as she puts it, "A ROCK!"
  • Jeff Goldblum ("The Switch") is the laid-back executive who takes a chance on our heroine...sorta....
  • Patrick Wilson ("The A-Team") is the local dreamboat. Turns out he worked for Ford's character in the past and has the scars to prove it!
  • Matt Malloy ("The Bounty Hunter") is Daybreak's game utility man. Wait until you see him on the carnival ride; our screening audience loved his adventures.
My favorite scene was our gal's first organizational meeting at her new job. She talksthisfast and you'll love the looks on the faces of her skeptical new team before they hit her with a barrage of questions. Her response is worth the price of admission.

My second favorite scene was when Ford's character predictably goes on a bender and she tracks him down; he is drinking with an incredible group of well-known newscasters. We just hooted as we recognized face after face! (Maybe that was a spoiler...sorry...)

McAdams spends a lot of time sprinting up and down cluttered network hallways, New York City streets and Central Park in spike heels; she's a tireless dynamo. This little frolic is predictable but fun and the audience laughed out loud a remarkable number of times. That in itself is a treat!