Inside Job

This documentary provides a step-by-step account of the whole stomach-churning catastrophe that created the collapse of the automobile and banking industries and their subsequent bailouts by the Federal Government.

It illustrates the financial shenanigans of bankers, trust officers, corporate board members, regulators, auditors, lobbyists, educators, members of Congress and residents of the White House, plus the ratings firms who supposedly analyzed how risky an investment might be in a particular company.

The most glaring shock was watching the blank faces of the guilty, with nary a smidgen of guilt or remorse. They walked away with millions of dollars in salaries and bonuses while bankrupting tens of millions of hard-working Americans whose only crime was to save their money and invest in their retirement accounts.

We learn about derivatives, about bundled assets and how to create toxic investments...none of which hurt anyone but homeowners and taxpayers. Aarghhh!

Narrator Matt Damon makes it clear that having a new resident in the White House just promises us more of the same... The good ol' boys are still in the picture! C'mon you journalists! There is a Pulitzer in it for you if your investigation lands a few of these bozos in jail!

If you can control your blood pressure, you might want to take a look at this one.