The Switch

I couldn't believe what got switched! And after I read what it was, I couldn't imagine how in the world they were going to depict it.

Okay, here we go: Jennifer Aniston ("The Bounty Hunter") plays a childless 40-year-old who still hasn't found the man of her dreams, so she decides to find a "donor" who will make a "contribution" in exchange for cash. This is a medical version of a turkey baster, so I was expecting some pretty gross jokes, but all in all, I was pleasantly surprised.

The main honors should go to:
  • Jason Bateman ("Extract") has been our heroine's best friend for far too long. His feelings are hurt that she doesn't even remotely consider him as a potential donor because he isn't exactly Mr. Sunshine and she doesn't want that trait in her child. On the evening she is to conceive, he is understandably upset and through a series of bungles, ends up having to make his own "contribution." In fact, he is so wasted he doesn't even remember he did the switch until six or seven years later. (See how Diane Sawyer fits into this equation!)
  • Jeff Goldblum ("Law and Order") is our hero's lanky long-time best friend. He is, however, NOT amused when the two of them finally figure out that a switch had taken place.
  • Juliette Lewis ("Whip It") is the party girl who caused our hero to be so wasted.
  • Patrick Wilson ("The A-Team") is the handsome (married but broke) erstwhile "donor."
  • Thomas Robinson ("Heroes") is pitch-perfect as the result of "The Switch." He looks and acts like a little Jason Bateman, and his personality isn't exactly Mr. Sunshine!
This is a predictable romantic comedy and we had plenty of both romance and comedy! No profanity, no sweaty bodies, no gunshots, no blowie uppie stuff, just one scene that's sorta icky...