This sweet little film is "When Harry Met Sally" for grade schoolers. Writer/Director Rob Reiner ("The Bucket List" and "The Princess Bride") just keeps chugging along. This time his story is very, very PG and mild but still provides insights into the most important elements of a relationship: Friendship, Respect and Laughter.

Based on Wendelin Van Draanen's novel, our story begins as a moving van stops in front of a standard 1950s rambler in an ordinary neighbor- hood in a Midwestern city. A second-grade girl runs across the street to welcome them, latches onto their second-grade son and is a thorn in his flesh from that moment on. This continues until high school, at which time our boy decides she IS the girl of his dreams, after all. Problem is, she has recently changed her mind...

This movie is notable for its cast:
  • Madeline Carroll ("Swing Vote") is the teenage girl (the casting changes as the characters grow).
  • Callan McAuliffe (mostly TV) is the teenage version of the boy.
  • Rebecca De Mornay ("Music Within") plays the boy's mother (is this really the sexpot from "Risky Business?").
  • Anthony Edwards ("ER" and "Top Gun") continues to show us his range. Here, as the boy's father, he is a knee-jerk jerk.
  • Penelope Ann Miller ("Blonde Ambition") is the girl's patiently resigned mother.
  • Aiden Quinn (scores of movies and TV since 1984) is the girl's artistic (and wise) father.
  • John Mahoney ("Burn Notice," "Frasier" and "Say Anything"), as the boy's grandfather. This actor works all the time!
This movie is pleasant, diverting and sorta corny, but we exited the theater in a quiet, pleasant mood. It has officially opened, but only in limited markets. Some of you will be able to see it now, others will have to watch for it.