The Last Song

Here's another entry in the soggy hanky school of cinema. We know if it's based on a book by Nicholas Sparks, that's inevitable. Furthermore, he adapted his own novel specifically for Miley Cyrus in her first starring non-Hannah Montana role. In my opinion, she didn't embarrass herself, but she didn't set the world on fire, either.

Our heroine is the alienated daughter of a divorced couple, played by Kelly Preston ("Old Dogs") and Greg Kinnear ("Ghost Town"). Dad is a former concert pianist and teacher who has retreated to a beach resort town in Georgia. Mom is planning her wedding to a new fellow and is distracted, so they have agreed that both of their children will spend the summer with their dad. The little brother is winningly played by Bobby Coleman ("Post Grad"), while Cyrus plays a high-school graduate who has been accepted by Juilliard, but is so wrapped up in being spiteful, she refuses to go.

Summer romance stalks into her life in the shape (!!) of Liam Hemsworth ("Triangle" and LOTS of Australian TV) playing volleyball on the beach. I don't know what they feed their men in Australia, but I sure wish it could be exported. This predictable movie gives us a wonderful Greg Kinnear (when is he NOT wonderful) and some sappy situations (turtle eggs, anyone?), but I'd pay good money to see Hemsworth's wonderful shoulders any time! Yum!