Death at a Funeral - 2010

Hmmm... This is a pretty fair copy of the terrific British original, "Death at a Funeral" - 2007, but being American, they have ramped up the profanity and added some truly gross bits (is that why Hollywood calls their take the "grosses?"). At least they kept one actor, without whom I cannot imagine this movie being made.

Let's talk about the cast:
  • Peter Dinklage ("Death at a Funeral" - 2007 and "Find Me Guilty"), this handsome fellow is a MOST unwelcome guest at the funeral! He played the same central character in the original.
  • Zoë Saldana ("Avatar" and "Vantage Point"), her character is the one who inadvertently administers a hallucinogen to her anxious fiancé just before the funeral. Quick question: How skinny must she be in real life to appear this slender on the big screen?
  • Chris Rock ("Everybody Hates Chris" and "Good Hair"), he plays the eldest son of the deceased: dependable, worried, and financially strapped.
  • Martin Lawrence ("College Road Trip" and "Bad Boys"), is the feckless younger brother, a successful author of best-selling sexploitation drivel. Mom always liked him best...
  • Tracy Morgan ("Cop Out" and "30 Rock"), plays a loose cannon who has been invited to the funeral.
  • Ron Glass ("Lakeview Terrace" and "Firefly"), his character is Zoë Saldana's father, highly disapproving of her choice for a husband.
  • Danny Glover ("2012"), his cantankerous character is trans- ported from his nursing home to the funeral. Director Neil LaBute couldn't resist paying homage to his iconic "Lethal Weapon" character, with both situation and dialogue.
  • James Marsden ("Enchanted" and "27 Dresses"), this good- looking fellow has been leaning more and more to straight comedy and even though they have overdone his character's hallucinations, he gives it all he's got - LITERALLY. No full frontal nudity, but lots of full backtal...smile...
Even though I "imprinted" on the British original, the screening crowd responded enthusiastically and audibly to this version. It IS the same, but also very, very different.