The Wolfman


This is one I saw against my better judgment and the person who dragged me to the screening apologized profusely. It has all the gruesome elements of a horror film (NOT something I want to see) but unfortunately done realistically, due to new, improved special effects in film. There will be:
  • Soft lighting, mostly candles, which is to say, everything is dim and vague.
  • A gray/black/tan monochromatic production design.
  • NOTHING in color but the blood!
  • "Don't go in the basement! ...or the woods! ...or the crypt!"
  • Lots of dimly lit scenes of horrific bloodletting: Beheadings, dismemberments, disembowelments, ...you know... a horror film!
  • Startling sound effects: Each swipe of the werewolf's paw is accompanied by a blast that sounds like a shotgun.
  • Windswept moors, sooty rooftops, mossy forests and musty old mansions.
  • A really brutal mental asylum.
The five lead actors are:
  • Benicio Del Toro ("Che") is our anti-hero
  • Emily Blunt ("Young Victoria") is his sister-in-law
  • Anthony Hopkins ("Fracture") is his father
  • Hugo Weaving (the "Matrix" franchise) represents Scotland Yard
  • Geraldine Chaplin ("Cousin Bette") is a gypsy healer.
Were they any good? Beats me... I rarely looked at the screen; my eyes were covered!