Valentine's Day

This multifaceted little gem is the perfect entertainment for Valentine's Day. It explores numerous relationships which range from seasoned old vets to bright-eyed youngsters. Years ago, when Director Garry Marshall ("The Princess Diaries") was asked why he first did a Disney film, he said that he had reached the age where he wanted to make some movies his grandchildren could watch.

We are in L.A. and we seem to be restricted to one neighborhood, because the local florist lives nearby, his best friends seem to work in the vicinity and the elementary school isn't far away.

The cast features (but certainly isn't restricted to):
  • Jessica Alba ("Fantastic Four") the first person to receive a proposal
  • Kathy Bates ("The Blind Side") a TV news producer
  • Jessica Biel ("Next") celebrates UN-Valentine's day each year
  • Bradley Cooper ("The Hangover") a considerate seatmate
  • Eric Dane ("Marley and Me") a pro-football player at a crossroads
  • Patrick Dempsey ("Enchanted") a suave lady's man
  • Hector Elizondo ("Monk") a wise grandfather whose wisdom is challenged
  • Jamie Foxx ("The Soloist") an ambitious sportscaster
  • Jennifer Garner ("The Invention of Lying") a na├»ve elementary school teacher
  • Topher Grace ("Spider-man 3") works in the mail room
  • Anne Hathaway ("Get Smart") has the most hilarious part-time job
  • Ashton Kutcher ("What Happens in Vegas...") Do florists take a confidentiality oath?
  • Queen Latifah ("Mad Money") has the funniest line!
  • George Lopez ("Tooth Fairy") drives a floral delivery van
  • Shirley MacLaine ("Rumor Has It...") a grandma with a secret
  • Emma Roberts ("Hotel for Dogs") proves that sensible is sexy, too!
  • Julia Roberts ("Duplicity") has an important person to see....
There are plenty more "Name Brands" but some fall into the Blink-and-you'll-miss-em category. This movie is charming and sweet. In my opinion, a tween can see it with no risk...even Garry Marshall's grand- children.