Law Abiding Citizen

This one is a dandy! Great plot, wonderful actors, lots of blowie uppie stuff, plenty of gruesome scenes (but you know when to hide your eyes) and it speaks to the frustration many of us feel when we watch loath- some criminals released back into society on some "technicality." In addition, this movie contains one of my favorite plot devices: two extremely smart people going head to head!

Gerard Butler ("The Ugly Truth") is a happily married, highly successful family man whose home is invaded one evening; not only is he brutally beaten and left for dead, his wife and daughter are also bludgeoned and slaughtered. When arrested, the more vicious of the two thugs quickly turns state's evidence and plea bargains an insultingly short prison term in exchange for his testimony which guarantees a death sentence for his accomplice. Jamie Foxx ("Ray") is the prosecuting attorney who cuts the deal, to which our widower is strongly opposed. He wants justice.

In this highly unpredictable movie, our hero does things we can only fantasize about: He takes on arrogant judges who throw their weight around, attorneys who play it safe, and career criminals who have nothing but contempt for their victims.

Some profanity, lots of violence, a bit of suspense and a number of people to care about. In other words, good old-fashioned movie making.

Let's hear it for director F. Gary Gray ("The Italian Job" 2003), script writer Kurt Wimmer ("The Recruit") and at least one executive producer, Gerard Butler! Smart man.