Couples Retreat

When Jon Favreau (“Iron Man”) and Vince Vaughn (“The Break-Up”) started to write their new movie, they asked themselves, “Where would we like to spend a few months?” Of course the answer was Bora Bora, so they wrote a movie that would take place there. Clever devils, huh?

They wisely opted to have their movie directed by Peter Billingsley who we all remember from his classic “A Christmas Story” days as Ralphie, the little guy who wanted a Red Ryder BB gun, but he’s all grown up now and does a fine job.

Favreau and Vaughn have cast themselves as two of the four guys who bring their wives and/or girlfriends to a posh couples’ retreat in Bora Bora, along with Jason Bateman (“Extract”) and Faizon Love (“The Perfect Holiday”). This luxurious resort is run by Marcel, “The Couples Whisperer,” played to woo-woo perfection by Jean Reno (“The Pink Panther”). Marcel employs touchy-feely stuff that makes everyone uncomfortable except for control freak Bateman and his wife Kristen Bell (“Forgetting Sarah Marshall”), who used a Power Point presentation to entice the others.

To everyone’s dismay, that irresistible group rate turns out to be a classic bait and switch, as the snorkeling, jet skiing, and other resort activities come AFTER mandatory marriage counseling, and the only spouses who will admit to having problems are the aforementioned Bateman/Bell.

This predictable R-rated film has its share of adult humor (including a digital fig leaf), but I liked it when Vaughn called the long-haired yoga instructor “Fabio,” and I also agreed that no one would want to go to Applebee’s alone…smile…

Vaughn always casts his father in his movies. This time, Papa Vaughn plays Vince’s father. How’s that for typecasting?

The above Jon Favreau is not to be confused with President Obama’s primary speech writer, Jon Favreau. They are two separate but equally talented writers.

Funny dialog, beautiful setting, attractive stars, silly plot. We had lots of fun….