My Life in Ruins

This predictable little romantic comedy is brought to us by the "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" team: actress/writer Nia Vardalos and once again the production team of Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks. This time, sadly, Vardalos only acted, she didn't write the script.

Vardalos plays an American professor of Greek History in Athens who has been downsized and is working as a travel guide while she tries to figure out what to do with her life.

Richard Dreyfuss (Dick Cheney in "W.") is a widowed tourist who becomes a guru for our group as they tour the magnificent ruins in Greece (this is a great sightseeing tour). It is immediately obvious that Vardalos' character is a professor, not a travel guide, and the poor busload of tourists is bored stiff. We watch as this group gradually comes to appreciate one another and knits into a gang. Naturally, Vardalos learns to unbend a bit. Hmmm...that bus driver seems to have potential if he'd shave off some of that scruffy hair...hint, hint...

Rita Wilson makes an affecting cameo in a scene with Dreyfuss. That alone, was almost worth the price of admission.

The theater was packed, the audience had a great time and this is a harmless "PG" rated Chick Flick.