The Girl From Monaco

The girl? A gorgeous, amoral, ditzy, Euro-trash blonde! She's the weather girl on a local television station in Monaco. It's immediately obvious that she was hired strictly for her looks, as she has no talent, doesn't under- stand weather and furthermore, doesn't give a rip! (But she DOES plan to be a star: her two idols are Princess Grace and Princess Di.)

Why do we care about this creature? Because of her effect on a mature lawyer who has come from Paris to defend a wealthy woman in a murder trial. His client is an equally mature woman who had been drawn into an unfamiliar world of drugs, sex, wild parties and hedonism by a hand- some, amoral, conniving young man. As the trial progresses, the lawyer encounters the weather girl and he too, is drawn into an unfamiliar world of drugs, sex, wild parties....you know...

Because the victim was a Russo-trash gigolo/waiter and the client's son is afraid of retaliation by his notorious Russian family, a bodyguard is hired to protect our lawyer. Of course he finds it irksome to have a stranger in such close proximity 24/7. Before long, the lawyer discovers that having a resourceful fellow at his beck and call has unanticipated benefits, so we watch their relationship change.

La fille de Monaco starts out as a bright, silly French comedy set in marvelously scenic Monaco, but quickly takes on deeper tones.

These are the three principal cast members:
  • Fabrice Luchini, who plays the lawyer, has been a working actor since 1969, but even though his face seems familiar, the only film in which I remember seeing him, is "Moliere."
  • Roschdy Zem plays the bodyguard. He too, has been working for decades ("Days of Glory" [“Indigènes"] and "My Wife Is an Actress").
  • Louise Bourgoin makes her film debut in this eponymous role. She's drop-dead gorgeous and may have quite a career in her future...
This Seattle International Film Festival selection has been available in Europe for quite some time (it's already out on DVD in Russia), but is just making the film festival rounds in the USA. It is scheduled for a limited release in July, 2009.