5 X 2

Once again, a limited distribution.... If you have seen this one, you will understand why... Like "Betrayal" many years ago, this movie goes backwards. The first episode you see is the couple getting their final divorce decree followed by an upsetting scene with them in a hotel room.

Next you see a dinner party with his brother and his brother's latest studly lover a year or so earlier.

After that you see her giving birth to their son two or so years before THAT.

Get the picture? The "5" stands for five separate key chapters in their relationship. The reason I got this DVD from Seattle Library in the first place was to, once again, enjoy looking at Stephane Freiss ("The Grand Role"). He is soooo good looking and such an accomplished actor, I am willing to forgive him for his characters' shortcomings.

Be advised...this movie is VERY European with graphic sex scenes, nudity, etc. I was a little glitchy until the episode that featured their wedding day/night. For some reason, after that I felt things were in better balance and watched the rest of it with relish. I know, I know, I am a bitch! But have I ever pretended to be otherwise?