My daughter-in-law used to disdain female Country/Western singers because they was always sang about "Women's Issues." This highly regarded little movie, in my opinion, deals with "Men's Issues."

It's funny, in watching all of the interviews of the men involved, none of them seemed aware of the "ick" factor that jumped off the screen at me, over and over.

Don't misunderstand, the performances are terrific, particularly the delicately nuanced relationship between the two elderly men who play the lead roles. Maybe I was reading between the lines, but I think one of them was gay and the other had been aware of his friend's unrequited love for a lifetime. Peter O'Toole ("The Stunt Man" and "Becket") is the main character who develops an unrequited love of his own for a feisty young woman who has been sent to provide in-home care for his closest friend. By the friend's reaction to the presence of a young woman in his home, it is clear that he finds it repugnant, upsetting and highly unwelcome! By HER reaction to the elderly man, it is clear that she is selfish, rebellious and angry. She clearly is disgusted by O'Toole's affection and is looking for some way to exploit it.

Vanessa Redgrave ("Camelot" and "Atonement") plays O'Toole's wife, abandoned decades ago but never divorced, who was forced to raise their three children by herself. He continues to support her...in cash...from his frequent film roles that he still manages to find. His medical experiences (he has prostate cancer) are pretty graphic and sorta funny, in an icky way....

There were many things to admire in this little film, but I found even more to loathe, so I am NOT distributing this review to my standard JayFlix folks, but instead, am simply posting it.

Have you seen this one? Can we talk?