Role Models

Once again we are faced with two semi-slackers (at least they ARE employed) played by Paul Rudd (“30-Year-Old Virgin” and “Le Chateau”) and Seann William Scott (the “American Pie” trilogy and a voice in the “Ice Age” franchise), stuck in a demeaning, dead-end job in which they promote a phony “energy” drink and make “Just Say No” speeches to area high schools. Rudd is chronically depressed and Scott is an aphorism-spouting lady’s man.

Rudd snaps when his marriage proposal is rejected by Elizabeth Banks (“W.” and “Definitely, Maybe”). After an egregious traffic mishap, they end up with a choice: Either a prison sentence or 150 hours of community service mentoring as Big Brother-types, courtesy of a reformed druggie, played by the hilarious Jane Lynch (“Another Cinderella Story” and the Christopher Guest gang, e.g., “A Mighty Wind” and “Best in Show”). Naturally she assigns them her two most difficult “Littles,” played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Bobb’e J. Thompson. They are, respectively, a Medieval Fair misfit and a potty-mouthed rebel.

Despite the language and nudity (did I just SAY that?) this movie has some redeeming qualities:
  • Growth – the “Bigs” are forced to change their priorities and attitudes
  • Loyalty – they earn to defend someone they care about
  • Tenacity – everyone learns the value of stick-to-itiveness
  • Redemption – this time it's the “Bigs” who learn from the “Littles”
  • Maturity – FINALLY!

This movie is custom made for its target audience – teenage boys – who have already seen and heard much worse language, believe me, but I was happy to see that there IS a moral to this story. As a movie buff, I enjoyed identifying well-known lines from old movies. They went over the heads of most of the audience, but were good for a grin from this cinephile.

Of course the movie is NOT based in reality, but when you watch our heroes march into a medieval melee in full battle attire and “Kiss” makeup, you too, will laugh out loud!