Another Cinderella Story

I LOVE dance movies! And this new, updated version of that old cliché, has a lot of dancing. In addition, there were some things that I found particularly enjoyable:
  • Jane Lynch ("A Mighty Wind," "Best in Show" and "Talladega Nights") is the BEST wicked stepmother that ever walked the face of this earth! "Clean up my room! That fish stick has been laying there since Lent!"
  • The new and improved magic pumpkin is an orange VW van, driven by our heroine's BFF (best forever friend).
  • Cinderella is now called Mary. She is played by Selena Gomez who has done a LOT of television work. She has a certain toothy charm that is uniquely her own.
  • Prince Charming this time out, is called Joey Parker, a successful pop prince who is taking a breather from his high-profile existence to "return to his roots" and try to remember why he loved dancing in the first place. Joey is played by the yummy Andrew Seeley ("Complete Guide to Guys" and "Christopher Brennan Saves the World").
  • The selfish step-sisters are played as dumber and dumberer (they aren't aware that their zip code isn't 90210; in fact, they might not know for sure what a zip code actually is!).
The inevitable dance contest had some terrifically talented competitors; in fact, I might have chosen a couple of them over our eponymous heroine.
In this Beverly Hills-based version, Jane Lynch is a music video star, totally self-centered and nasty. I loved that she called one of her masseurs "Fabio" ...and NOT in a flattering way! She travels in a stretch limo, while her much put-upon stepdaughter travels on a skateboard.

This particular iteration of the classic story boasts some very clever choreography, which masks the shortcomings of the two stars. In fact, the choreography is so good, I didn't really care that our hero was a faux Justin Timberlake, complete with the cute fedora and the dance maneuvers with the floor stand of his microphone! When they shot it in silhouette, I really couldn't tell WHO it was!

All of the characterizations are VERY broad with everything painted in neon colors so you won't overlook anything. The camera work and editing are strictly music video'ish and the dance duet featuring our two leads is cleverly done in front of a two-way mirror, so HE thinks he's dancing with his image, while SHE knows he is thisclose to her. Fun!

There is one chaste kiss, mild language and of course, the sweet happily ever after ending.