Sex Drive

"Sex Drive" is a Summer Movie. This is Hollywoodese for a testosterone-driven peep show featuring lissome young women and clueless young men aching for release from their frustrations. It is lewd, crass, profane, gross and politically incorrect, but has, hidden within it, a surprisingly sweet little love story.

I laughed in spite of myself at the crude humor, and was amazed at an over-the-top performance by James Marsden ("The Notebook" and "Enchanted") playing waaaay below his game as our hero's belittling (and cruel) older brother. Our callow hero is played by Josh Zuckerman (who has been working steadily since 2000 but mostly in television) with the roles of his two best friends filled by Clark Duke ("Superbad") and Amanda Crew ("John Tucker Must Die").

This movie bears a vague resemblance to a couple of forerunners:
  • "Trojan Wars" starring Jennifer Love Hewett, which centered around a virginal young man desperate to realize his sweaty dreams but as a condition before doing the deed, had to find some "protection." I knew about this movie because a friend had a major supporting role.
  • "The Sure Thing" starring John Cusack, which is one of the best road movies ever made.

By the time our hero and his best female friend realize that they are made for each other (BIG surprise!), it has actually become fairly involving.

This movie really is gross... Funny, but gross...