The House Bunny

Anna Faris ("Scary Movie" and "My Super Ex-Girlfriend") is a Playboy Bunny evicted from Hefner's mansion at the ripe old age of 27. This character is always upbeat, sunny, optimistic and quite dense! She hasn't a clue how to support herself and is instantly homeless. When she sees a sorority house at a nearby campus, she thinks it's another Playboy Mansion. Instead it is a distaff version of "Animal House."

This motley assortment of female nerds, dweebs and dorks only totals seven. They MUST recruit 30 more pledges before the upcoming school term or lose their charter (sound familiar?). Our heroine offers herself to be their house mother, whereupon she quickly converts them to the idea of being glamorous, sexy and flirtatious. One of the dweebs is played by Rumor Willis, who is the eldest daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. Her character seems to be suffering from scoliosis, as she wears a body brace throughout the first half of the movie.

The presence of another second generation offspring shocked me: Colin Hanks (Tom's son) has an admirable oeuvre ("Band of Brothers," "Untraceable," "Orange County" and "King Kong" - 2005) and shouldn't have to stoop to a movie of this caliber!

Hugh Heffner appears as himself, the mansion seems real, the (mostly male) audience obviously enjoyed feeling smarter than a bimbo.

The movie is loaded with double entendres, horny guys, wild parties, and a flimsy moral: "Be yourself." By the way, evidently the female version of a kick to the crotch is an elbow to the breast. Hmmm...