Margot at the Wedding

After emphatically stating that I would NOT review this thing, I had second thoughts, simply because I would like to spare you the 92 minutes running time. Those minutes are, after all, time you will never get back!

Nichole Kidman ("The Invasion" and "The Golden Compass" - what has she been thinking lately???) is Margot, a devious, sly, probably mentally unhinged writer who, during the course of the movie, upsets her son, rejects her husband, derails her sister's wedding and generally wreaks havoc for everyone within her range. Of course it is all for their own good, not because she is judgmental or cruel.

Jennifer Jason Leigh ("Georgia" and "eXistenZ"), who has been making quirky and mostly unpleasant movies since 1973, is Pauline, the unfortunate bride trying to mend family fences by inviting her successful author sister Margot to her modest little wedding. The groom, played by the vastly overrated Jack Black ("King Kong" and "Nacho Libre") is a would-be songwriter who seems to be sponging off his prospective bride.

Margot's rejected husband Jim, clearly a kind and thoughtful man, is played by John Turturro ("Transformers" and "The Good Shepherd") while her heartless lover Dick (!) is played by the ubiquitous, hardworking CiarĂ¡n Hinds ("There Will be Blood," "Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day," "In Bruges" and "Amazing Grace"). At least his character administers a well-deserved thrashing to Jack Black...I LIKED THAT!

The reviews had already warned me about this thing but with a free check-out DVD from the Seattle City Library, I thought it was risk free. I just squandered 92 minutes of my life...