Baby Mama

Smart, funny, entertaining and unpredictable! Men and women both enjoyed this one even though, going in, we thought it was just another Chick Flick.

Tina Fey ("Mean Girls" and "30 Rock") is a professional woman working for an insufferably "WooWoo" CEO of a chain of environmentally sound, organically grown, vegan food outlets, hilariously played by a pony-tailed Steve Martin ("Bringing Down the House" and "Parenthood").

She has reached the age where she suffers from "babyitis" in which she desperately wants a child of her own. Unmarried and burdened with a uterus her gynecologist "just doesn't like" and already turned down by an adoption agency, she hires Sigourney Weaver ("Snow Cake" and "The TV Set") who specializes in matching surrogate mothers with desperate (but comfortably well off), would-be parents.

Enter Amy Poehler ("Mean Girls" and "Blades of Glory") a down-home, uneducated, junk-food addict who ends up moving in with Fey for the term of her pregnancy.

This movie has an embarrassment of riches. The cast alone is to die for:
  • Greg Kinnear ("Feast of Love" and "As Good as it Gets"), a local juice bar owner who might be displaced by the new organic food outlet Tina Fey is ramrodding for the organic food company
  • Dax Shepard ("Idiocracy" and "Employee of the Month"), Poehler's country-fried bozo of a conniving, common-law husband
  • Romany Malco ("40-Year-Old Virgin" and "The Chateau"), the doorman at Fey's apartment building
  • Maura Tierney ("Insomnia" and "Diggers"), Tina Fey's fecund sister (look it up!)
  • Holland Taylor ("Legally Blonde" and LOTS of TV work), Tina Fey's bewildered mother
  • James Rebhorn ("Far From Heaven" and "Cold Mountain") is the baffled judge pulled into the situation.

The unexpected plot twists and turns don't feel contrived, the personalities feel authentic and the story feels good! Aaaaahh... A "Feel-Good story!"

Let me know if you enjoy it as much as I did!