Vantage Point

This movie has several things going for it:
  • As portrayed by William Hurt ("A History of Violence" and "Tuck Everlasting"), the President of the United States ("POTUS") isn't a ninny...for a change...Whew!
  • I always like Forest Whitaker ("The Last King of Scotland" and "The Great Debaters").
  • Dennis Quaid ("The Parent Trap"-1998 and "Frequency") looks appropriately edgy; his character took a bullet for POTUS a year ago and he is just now back at work.
  • For a welcome change, Sigourney Weaver ("Snow Cake" and "The TV Set") portrays a character who is highly focused and demanding, but not a conniving bitch!
  • I enjoy seeing a situation from different points of view ("Vantage Points," get it?).
  • I love arguing with movie critics; this is NOT a "Rashomon"-type movie because there are no conflicting stories, just the same story seen over and over but through different sets of eyes (and video equipment).
  • I am in awe at the amount of digital technology that is brought into play in contemporary movies.

On the other hand...

  • I HATE suicide bombers!
  • Laughable coincidences...over and over and over and over...
  • Implausible high-speed car chase...in narrow, crowded European city streets and sidewalks, yet! (But no fruit cart was damaged in THIS movie!)
  • Quaid's character is 2008's Terminator...Indestructible! Explosions, gun shot wounds, car wrecks...and he just keeps going; he's a regular Energizer bunny.
  • Too much (to quote my grandson James) "Blowie Uppie Stuff." (In all honesty, it is just the same two explosions, viewed five or six times apiece.)
  • Claustrophobic camera work, extreme close ups, lots of loading of guns, passing of secret items, eyes disclosing each new epiphany as plots and counter-plots unfold.
  • Betrayals by trusted individuals.
  • Cold-blooded murders.

As happy endings go, this is as close as we can hope for these days, given current world politics and the single-minded determination of religious zealots.